We, the citizens, are the foundation of Europe. 
We enjoy freedoms that are self-evident to us. And yet, each and every one of us must also take responsibility for upholding these freedoms. It is important to us to let as many people speak as possible – and also to listen carefully.

How can we make our coexistence in Europe better for everyone? What types of responsibility can each one of us take on in service of a better future for us all? These are the thoughts and ideas we want our debates to inspire. We also want to simultaneously motivate citizens to reflect on what Europe means to them. We are curious. We value our interlocutors very highly. We ask questions and listen carefully and with an open mind. We hear all answers out, even when they are uncomfortable. We do not judge. Instead of saying what we think is right or wrong, we open up a discussion platform that provides space for different opinions and views.

Listening to different experiences

People with different backgrounds and experiences gather and interact with one another at our debates: for example, seniors with first-hand experience of the Second World War enter into conversation with students at school, that is, with young individuals for whom the freedoms guaranteed by the EU form a self-evident part of their everyday lives. With the help of social media, we make it possible for people from all over Europe to speak their minds and give us insights into their own worlds. At our open discussion events, everyone is invited to join in the debate, to report on their individual experiences and to pose questions to politicians. Europe is a bundle comprising a multitude of stories, memories of war, initial peacetime steps and reports on travelling across a borderless continent. We want to effectively portray Europe’s multifaceted character and encourage mutual understanding for perspectives that are different from one’s own. In our opinion, this is the only way we will be able to effectively shape our future together.

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